Media ConneXion

Because form follows function

Media ConneXion is a new service from the alfa group that allows media of all types to be created and published to digital mobile apps without the need to invest in costly software and infrastructure projects. Media ConneXion lives in the cloud and operates on standard mobile devices. Better still, after a small initial set up fee, you pay for it on a monthly basis, much as you would do with a mobile phone contract.

Why do we need it?

In today’s multi-media world, where news, information and entertainment is readily available often at no charge, traditional publishers such as newspapers and magazines are struggling to balance investment in content with the huge costs associated with printing and distributing a paper product.

While there is still a large and devoted following for traditional media, there is no doubt a shift to digital because the new generation of readers have different expectations and are more used to an interactive and dynamic experience.

From the publishers’ perspective digital content has no press schedules, no printing and distribution costs and no geographical boundaries, creating the freedom to truly “think outside the box” and create something very special for their readers.

So on the premise that the news is more important than the paper it is printed on, Media ConneXion allows publishers to focus on the reader rather than the bill for ink and paper.

It's all about the news

By definition, the news is that which is new and in the rapidly developing world of published content, the news often becomes old news very quickly.  Relevance and responsiveness are key, so it vital for news organizations to have a fast and flexible way to gather and distribute content.

Media Connexion links news gatherers and consumers dynamically, providing a rich multi-media environment that allows publishers to engage their readers and retain their attention as news breaks and develops.

For less time critical work, Media Connexion lets publishers be creative and perhaps test the market with new ideas and services designed to strengthen the reader connection and establish them as the “go to” provider in their community.

Who should consider Media ConneXion?

Media ConneXion is for any company with content to publish, but by virtue of its cloud based infrastructure it is equally useful for single or groups of publications. Specifically, media companies with multiple regional properties can use Media ConneXion to support any or all of their sites, which can either cooperate and share content, or be discrete and unique as required. 


How does it work?

Media ConneXion can run in a hosted environment, or it be installed on a company’s own servers, saving the hosting fee. Either way its users access it in exactly the same way.

Media ConneXion has four sub-modules bound together by a master-module called alfa MediaSuite Channel, but it can be expanded as needed to incorporate any of alfa media’s other products.

Content Management System

The foundation of the system is a digital repository that allows content of all types (typically: text, images, videos, audio files) to be input, stored and retrieved in a media-neutral format, allowing the same content elements to be used in any type of media production.

MediaSuite Touch

Because reporters, videographers and photographers are most effective when they are on the road covering the news, this application allows content of all types to be created and directly connected with the MediaSuite workflow from anywhere with an Internet connection.

News +

This is the vehicle that publishes dynamic content to the “app”, but it can also be used to display ePaper versions of the product.

MediaSuite Composer

While alfa is happy to provide template creation services, most customers prefer to use the Composer module to create and develop their own template library. 

The modules outlined above provide a stand-alone system for the purposes already described. However, in every publishing company there are pre-existing workflows and technologies which the publisher may want to integrate with MediaSuite. Prior to the commencement of the project any such integrations will be costed, documented and agreed with the customer in advance.