alfa CTP means service

You can't afford to be without it

Our aim is to make the name alfa CTP synonymous with the very best service available. But for our customers, good service is not just something they like, it's something they absolutely need. In the mission-critical world of publishing, any equipment failure can mean lost deadlines, lost revenue and missed press schedules, so our service plans are designed first to prevent failures from happening, but when that is unavoidable, to be able to react quickly to limit the impact to the minimum. 

Scope of services

At alfa, we service and support everything we sell, so when you buy a CTP, workflow or software solution from us, we guarantee to stand behind it. 

Needs assessment
We start all our projects by taking the time to understand what the customer wants, needs and can afford. 

Solution building
Quite often there is more than one solution that will work for any given customer, so we assess the possibilities and offer our customers meaningful choice, both in performance and economic terms.

Site preparation
The key to a successful installation is making sure that everything is in place before equipment is delivered and installed. So prior to every installation we do a detailed site survey to avoid unpleasant surprises on installation day. 

Our team of service engineers are trained to do the job right and will not sign off on the site until everything is working and the customer is happy.

On new equipment, alfa's warranty programs are the most inclusive in the industry. Our solutions come with a full 12 month warranty, not just on machine parts, but on all the labor and travel components too. When your machine is under warranty it won't cost you a dime during that period and you are also automatically enrolled in our 24/7 phone support program, so you can call us anytime you need help. 

When the equipment warranty runs out, we are still there to help via one of our three on-going maintenance options. 

1. Fully comprehensive: with this plan its as if the warranty never runs out. All parts, labor and travel continue to be covered, we guarantee next day service at the latest and you still get the 24/7 phone coverage.

2. Parts and preventative maintenance: This plan covers all machine parts, 24/7 phone support and two PM (preventative maintenance) calls per year, with the option to use one of the PM visits for break-fix purposes. Service incidents outside this scope are changed on a time and material basis, but customer still get priority service action. 

3. Time and materials: While we strongly urge customers to consider either plan one or two, but the option exists to go strictly on a time and material basis. 

For details of all our plans and to get a quote for coverage, please call 603 689 1101 or email info[at]alfactp[dot]com

Software support for PrintExpress and NewsMate products is available during business hours via telephone, VPN remote connection or onsite visit. For more information contact support[at]alfactp[dot]com or call 847 629 4280.