Media ConneXion

Because form follows function

Media ConneXion is a new service from the alfa group that allows media of all types to be created and published to digital mobile apps without the need to invest in costly software and infrastructure projects. Media ConneXion lives in the cloud and operates on standard mobile devices. Better still, after a small initial set up fee, you pay for it on a monthly basis, much as you would do with a mobile phone contract.

Why do we need it?

In today’s multi-media world, where news, information and entertainment is readily available often at no charge, traditional publishers such as newspapers and magazines are struggling to balance investment in content with the huge costs associated with printing and distributing a paper product.

News Mate Plus - workflow

Simple, automated newspaper workflow

Designed for small to medium sized newspapers, this is the newest workflow package from alfa CTP. Starting with local or remote (FTP) file input, NewsMate Plus can automate the production process through page-pairing and output. 

Print Express 4 - workflow

Rock solid performance

PrintExpress is a fully automated, web enabled and integrated digital workflow system for medium to large newspapers. It is designed to improve efficiency, reduce errors and load balance production, thus reducing bottlenecks and allowing deadlines to be extended to the benefit of both the news room and the advertising department. 

Media Suite

It's all about the content, editorial and digital media

In conjunction with our sister company alfa media ( we are very pleased to offer Media Suite, the modules of which have the single aim of helping publishers produce and manage their most valuable asset (content), so that it can published to any of today's media, regardless of format. It is available either in a traditional licensed server configuration, or in a hosted setting on a "software for service" basis. Please see the specification tab for more details.