Accelero NEWS - semi or fully automatic

Newspaper productivity, with commercial quality

Built with newspapers in mind, this machine has the quality to produce commercial printing plates too. Users can choose either a thermal or UV imaging head which can contain, 32, 48 or 64 channels depending on the level of productivity required. It supports both “develop on press” and wet processing plate types, providing the option to use the plate that best suits your production needs. It can be configured as either a semi or fully automatic machine with the option of either a 100 or 400 (multi-size) plate autoloader. It also comes with two format options depending on the size of the largest plate in use.

The video below shows the machine with the covers open in operation with the multi-cassette autoloader. 

Accelero 888 - semi or fully automatic

Quality and productivity for commercial printers

The Accelero 888 is designed to give today's commercial printers the options they need to compete and thrive. Depending on productivity requirements, its thermal imaging head can be configured with 32, 48 or 64 laser channels and it comes in two formats to suit either 4-up or 8-up printers.

Accelero offers three plate handling configurations: The semi-automatic machines allows plates to be loaded manually, but whether ordered with the machine or as a future upgrade, it can be made fully automatic with the addition of either the single cassette or the multi-cassette autoloader. The single cassette option has a 100 plate capacity, while the multi-cassette versions has four cassettes which can each hold a different size plate up to a total of 400 plates.

For more information on the options for automation, please see the "Automation Options" page on this website. 

Automation options

The Accelero News CTP range comes with two options for full automation. The SAT 800 has a single cassette which can hold up to 100 plates with slip sheets and for sites with higher volume and/or multiple plate sizes, the MAT 800 (shown) has four cassettes for a total capacity of 400 plates with slip sheets. Each device support plates up to 1130 x 920 mm (44.45 x 36.2 in.) and can deliver approximately 80 plates an hour to the CTP device.

Slip sheet removal is robust and reliable and can be used with any thermal plate and slip sheet combination, including the latest breed of “processless” plates which often have a very slight difference between the color of the plate and the slip sheet.

Both devices are free-standing, making them easily maneuvered for maintenance, also enabling customers with a manually fed Accelero News, to automate their production.

Accelero 400

Quality, performance, flexibility

Made for quality conscious for 4-up commercial printers with plate sizes up to 800 x 660 mm (31.5 x 26 in). It is available with either a thermal or U.V. imaging head and supports both chemistry-free “develop on press” and wet processing plate types. Thermal and U.V. processing speeds are comparable, but the imaging head can be configured with either 24, 32, or 48 laser channels depending on performance requirements. Plates are fed manually and returned to the operator at the point of load. 

The Accelero uses a single optimized resolution, usually 2400 dpi. Output speed is determined by the number of laser channels, the plate size and resolution, but as a guide, at 2400 dpi, using the maximum sized plate the Accelero will produce between 15 and 26 maximum size plates an hour depending on the number of laser channels. 

Accelero 800

Focus on quality

The Accelero 800 makes high quality printing plates for demanding 8-up printers with plates up to 1130 x 920 mm (44.45 x 36.2 in). It images from an external drum and comes with either a thermal or UV imaging head, which can contain between 32 and 64 channels, depending on the level of output speed required (more channels, greater speed). The performance of thermal and UV heads is comparable and the machine supports both “develop on press” and wet processing plate types.
Plates are loaded manually into the top of the machine and are returned to the operator at the point of loading. The machines operates in white or daylight conditions. To ensure the highest quality results, the machine is optimized for a single resolution which can be up to 2400 dpi. 

Accelero 1200

Large format plate making

For quality conscious commercial printers with large format presses, alfa CTP offers a the Accelero 1200 which images plates up to 1470 x 1180 mm (57.9 x 46.5 in.). The Accelero uses an external drum and a 64 channel thermal imaging head, which can output approximately 16 full size plates an hour at 2400 dpi. Plates are loaded into the machine manually, but it can de-load automatically to a plate finisher if the plate type in use requires it. The machines comes with a comprehensive warranty to give the user the peace of mind that every eventuality is covered.  

Esprit II

A great way to get started with CTP

This table top CTP is ideal for newspapers converting from film, or those that need an inexpensive backup device. It has a single, highly durable laser diode with selectable resolutions up to 1270 dpi. It can image any violet sensitive plate, including the eco-friendly low chem. products and its small footprint makes it perfect for sites with limited space.

The VMAX family

Speed when you need it

The VMAX's unique design lets you buy the performance you need now, with the option to increase production capacity later. The base model VMAX 100 can output approximately 100 "metro" size plates an hour, but with an inexpensive field upgrade, throughput can be increased all the way up to 400 plates an hour; factory models include systems rated at 100, 160, 220, 280, 340 and 400 plates per hour. 
For a machine with such power, the VMAX has a small footprint and flexible configuration options that allow it to fit easily into pre-existing plate lines without the need for expensive redesigns of other processing elements such as punch-bend systems. 

NewsXpress II SA

Reliable, versatile, built to last

This popular and very versatile floor standing, semi-automatic CTP is ideal for small newspapers. The NewsXpress II has a single, highly durable laser diode with selectable resolutions from 1016 up to 2540 dpi. It can image any violet sensitive plate, including the eco-friendly low chemistry products. Ideal for sites with limited space the NewsXpress can operate in either a manual or semi-automatic configuration. 

NewsXpress II FA

Technology that keeps on working

This workhorse CTP is ideal for small and medium newspapers that need fully-automatic operation. It features a patented slip sheet removal system and comes in two versions supporting either 60 or 250 plates online. Depending on plate size and resolution, the NewsXpress can image up to 60 plates an hour. It images any violet sensitive plate, including the eco-friendly low chem. products.